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i have nothing to say.

yay. i was hoping that when i opened up this html file, i'd think of something to say.

one and a half days to go. i started packing last night. just a few little things that i'd be sure to forget unless i put them in my bag while i thought of them. things like my address book and yearbook from high school to show angela, and photos. i brought some film today. i want to make sure i take lots of photos while i'm over there. normally i go on holiday and don't take any photos until like the last day or something. and then i get home and wish that i had taken more pictures. i only brought one roll today because that's all i could afford, but i can always buy more when i'm over there. i keep forgetting that i can buy stuff over there, i'm not going out camping in the middle of nowhere, i can buy film and sunblock and stamps and stuff. there are probably more shops in sydney than in adelaide, for that matter. oh well. i like to be prepared.

i want to start a memory book. well, another memory book. i had one in '97, and i filled up almost the hole thing, with lettrs from friends and people i met on camps, photos, postcards, songwords i obsessed over, and so on. i tried to start one at the beginning of last year too, but that didn't last more than a month. i have lots of stuff already to put in a memory book this year. i thought of it on the bus home from the mall this afternoon. too bad i didn't think of it while i was actually at the mall, or else i could have brought a book to begin. i'll put in it the photos from tim's wedding, and i'm going to press my corsage from it too and stick that in there. maybe the program and the invitation too. and of course, take it to sydney with me. it's not too late, i guess i can go out tomorrow and buy a book, whether or not i'll have time to begin it is another matter. my memory book from '97 is one of my most precious keepsakes. i love it. people wrote such nice things in there and there are such wonderful memories in it. sigh. i miss year 12, sometimes. well, the people anyway.

i'm playing tetris at the moment. i haven't played that old windows game in so long. i'm so bored. heh, i'm not getting any of the pieces i need. i think i'm sick of the internet. i only come on here out of habit. i go to my page and read my guestbook and then i open another window and check my email and in the first window i go to my links page and have a look at my favourite ones for any new updates, and in the second window i go to the guestbook that beth and i share and read the new entries. and then after that, i do whatever. yay. oh well, i'm going on holiday for nearly a month, i think that's a long enough break.

i died [[on tetris]]. i got to level 10 and my score as 18020. go me. wow. i can't belive i'm comentaring on my tetris game. that really is sad. i think i'll just go now. i'm meeting the others in about an hour anyway.


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