scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

9:44am. just over 24 hours to go.

things to do today

- pack suitcase / work out what clothes to take

- pack backpack [[half done]]

- wrap angela's birthday present to take

- wrap thankyou gifts to take

- load camera [[done]]

- go to ian's to get photos

- get video from sarah

- go to kate's and say goodbye

- say goodbye to my dad because he can't come to the airport tomorrow

- make soaps for angela

- call airline to confirm my flight

- call angela to confirm times i'm getting there

things to do online

- dismantle icq

- dismantle aol im

- email claire and tell her that i got her package yesterday [[loveyou]]

- upload journal entry

- add more email filters

i think that's it? i hope so. looking at the list, mainly the offline stuff, it doesn't seem so big as i first thought. well, i guess the main task there is packing my suitcase. what do you TAKE for a month's holiday? i have to be prepared for any event - dressy, nightclubbish, casual, beach, and so on. and i only have a small suitcase. oh well, i'll manage somehow. in my backpack [[which i'm taking on the plane with me]] i'm taking stationary and just the little stuff with me. it's half done, but i keep taking out stuff that i need to use, i'll probably forget to put it back in my bag and it'll stay here after all. i can imagine that happening. this is the longest holiday i've been on. it's...scary. i can admit that. only a little though. the excitement overwhelms it.

well, i can't put it off any longer. i'm hungry and i have a zillion things to do today. so...goodbye. i will write in a diary while i'm away and put the entries up, and i will try to write to most people [[bethbettyhannahkrissyshaejesshelenjenkathleen]], but i guess we'll see what happens.

goodbye my friend //
(I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here) //
It's not the end //(gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear). i'll miss you all.


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