scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

this summer is going too quickly. well, quickly anyway. maybe it will be good to go back to uni in march, although i wouldn't say that it's on my top ten list of exciting things to do this year.

last week i was thinking that there was nothing in my life - nothing until the end of this month anyway. well, it's quickly getting that way - or at least, things are about to start hapening. next monday, i find out if i get into the uni course that i wanted to change into. wish me luck for that - because i don't know what i'll do if i didn't get into it. i got the grades okay - a credit average - but who knows? the education system is weird and it always changes. but next monday i'll find out about that, and when i have to enrol, etc, etc.

and also next monday. okay. so there are these camp directors coming over from the usa to recruit counsellors for summer camp over in america for july/august. and they're having like, a recruitment/information day next monday. so i thought, "why not?" who knows? maybe i really could get to the united states this year! oh, it's a dream, so much a dream, but if i don't go and find out more about it, then it really will never come true. what is it i said earlier this year? i'm not going to sit back and wait for things to happen. i'm going to make them happen. so even if i never get over to the states during this year, even if my parents wouldn't let me or i couldn't afford the least i'm going to find out. last year i wouldn't have done that even, just dreamt about it but didn't do anything to make it happen.

the the week after next - which is the last week of january. on wednesday is another information session, this time for this thing called LIFELINE. lifeline is an australian over the phone counselling service, and they're calling for more volunteers to work for them to answer phones and counsel people. so, why not? this is something that i would love to do. it would be great experience for the future for when i become a counsellor. it would help me to decide whether or not this is what i should be doing with my life. and most of all, it would allow me to help people. if it's one thing that i want with my life, it's to influence someone in a positive way other than my friends and family. so i'm going to the information session and see what this is about. who knows?

the saturday after that - my friend tim is getting married. this is a pretty big thing for many reasons, but i got invited to the wedding, so i'm going. it's going to be weird seeing one of my friends, ex-crushes, and mentor, someone just 2 months older than me get married. but i'm happy for him. it must be a wonderful thing to be so certain that the person you're with is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life.

then it's february. and i'm off to sydney for 2-3 weeks - which i can't wait for. i've just been waiting years to do this. i'll get back and spend some time with my friends, then uni will be starting again.

what was that i was saying about there being nothing in my life?

i'm going to start taking singing lessons this year. it's been [another] dream for so long and it just hasn't happened yet. i'm going to [finally] get my drivers lisence. when uni starts i'll be working and taking singing lessons and studying to be a psychologist and [hopefully] voluteering at lifeline. who knows, maybe i'll also be preparing to go over to america in july [yeah]. i'm going to be busy and i'm not going to have time to let myself get depressed, i'm not going to worry about guys and anything else like i have been this year already. i have a life to live, and baby, i'm going to live it. i'm sick of this slump.


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