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i really am dumb. kathleen customised my guestbook for me for the new version of my page [up soon *shh*], and i just deleted it all then. argh! so guess who's having fun trying to figure out how to put it all back to the way she had it before? blah. i think i have it figured out now though.

but anyway. that's only a minor flaw in my near perfect [[at the moment anyway]] life. i went to uni today and got my timetable for the semester and sat in on some information lectures and chose my submajor. i already knew that my professional major was going to be psychology. anyway, i have THE best timetable. i'm only there for classes on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays - a four day weekend - and not one of my classes starts before 10am or finishes after 6pm. i'm doing performing arts as my general studies - my dream is coming true. my dream, to be able to study psychology AND drama together, is happening. i can't wait.

i'm doing 2 of the subjects that i did last year this year - psychology 1a and 1b. i was going to just get credit for doing those last year , but then bec and i decided that if we redid the subjects, then we could get MUCH better grades on them than we did last year. after all, we've already done the syllabus, we know what to expect. all we have to do is work on the essays a little harder, study more for the exam. not a problem! it's only 2-3 extra hours a week plus readings and stuff. it'll be worth it. even though i probably AM crazy to be redoing 2 subjects that i've already done just to get a better grade!

kristy got home from ballarat [in victoria] this afternoon, and called me as soon as she got in. i'm going to help her go job hunting sometime next week [if i get the time]. at least one good thing came out of all those weeks of job-hunting, filling in application forms, sending in resumes to places, and going on all those interviews [apart from the obvious thing, which was a job] - i have experience to pass on to my friends! heh. well, there has to be SOME silver lining in it all! it's kinda nice to be able to help her do this, i said i'd go with her for moral support when she went hunting, and she said that she'd really appreciate it.

i'm not going to apply for the lifeline thing anymore. my timetable clashes with all the training sessions - so i guess if i'm still interested in it in july, i'll apply then. at least i won't have to miss any training due to being interstate, i guess.

i can't wait to go to sydney. i can't wait to go to sydney. i can't wait to go to sydney. i can't wait to go to sydney.

[[i got my guestbook back]]


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