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and they chase the sun

Gayle, Marianne and I went to see "Serendipity" last night. It was yr typical romantic-type film, with enough sweetness to put anyone into a diabetic coma. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it, because I did; but the somewhat predictableness and constant near misses became a little too much after a time. I really do like movies with a twist at the end.

5 days until Exam-day; I just want all this to be OVER. I need to figure out what the heck's going on with my enrollment package for uni, because I still haven't recieved anything, and I KNOW I still have one more subject to complete for uni. Although wouldn't it be a nice surprise if it turned out that Health Psych is actually my last subject after all, and I can graduate in April, not October like my other friends? Now THAT would be too good to be true... but it isn't going to happen. Besides, I'm not ready to completely finish uni just yet. Despite my constant complaints about how tired I am of studying, I need this extra semester to work out what comes next. Still, on the subject of Health Psychology, I still need to finish that essay, and do my poster. And I need to figure out where I can get it printed, because I want it A2 size, but none of the places I've asked at have been any help at all.

I'm really tired. We had a dance rehearsal today, and I'm finally getting the hang of the "Chase the Sun" part of the dance. Last week I was totally clueless, but I actually kept up this week, and now I'm confident about performing it. I was a wreck about it last week, and it wasn't a nice feeling at all. Not bad, considering I actually didn't practice any of it this week (oops, Lauren, you aren't reading this, right...?)

Plans for this week constitute working in Layby [!!], going out for tea with Sarah + Kristy, going out for coffee with Kristy and planning the rest of something for a certain someone, revising for the exam, taking said exam, and going out with Kate on Friday night to work out the logistics of whether we can actually move out or not. I have this feeling, actually, that it might be a "not", but we'll work that out on Friday. It's all dependent on what she does with her uni offer (ie, defers, or accepts it straight away); I just want to work out for sure what we're doing, because everything is sort of hanging in mid-air. Now I know what Nathan meant about uncertainty. I'm tired just thinking about what needs to be done this week, but that might have something more to do with this heat wave right now. Tomorrow will be cooler, perfect weather, and of course, I'll be inside working the entire time. Typical.


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