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Tim's wedding

tim's wedding was beautiful. absolutely. tim looked gorgeous, and most of all, happy. my eyes teared up as i watched him watch susannah come down the aisle to the traditional "here comes the bride" music, the smile on his face, the look in his eyes, it was all so beautiful. there was so much love in his face, i knew then that what they were doing was right.

it was a simple ceremony, several hymms [they're very religious], a speech made by the pastor [who also happened to be tim's dad], they exchanged vows and rings. it was all so - perfect. but it seemed so unreal. i can't believe they're married. but i'm glad they're both so happy. they look so good together, so comfortable, so happy together. i took a whole roll of film of photos of them and of the wedding party, i'm going to take it with me tonight and give it to ian to develop at work [for free] and then i can get them before i go to sydney. i'm sure i took some good shots. some of them i had a great view of them standing there in the sunlight, with rose petals in their hair and the love in their smiles, i hope they turn out okay. i'll try and scan some in, maybe when i get home again from sydney because i don't know when i'll get them back from ian.

i've been thinking about what sort of wedding i want one day [[if i ever get married]]. even though i don't have a special guy - or any guy for that matter - it's still fun to plan what sort of wedding i'd like to have. in fact, maybe it's because i haven't found that special guy that i CAN plan what sort of wedding i want - the sort of wedding that I want, with no influence what-so-ever by considering what sort of wedding HE might want. and of course, all my dreams will change once i meet this guy that i'll spend the rest of my life with [heaven forbid], but for now, i'll just be content with dreaming on my own, and planning what sort of wedding i'd like.

i remember telling tim a couple of years ago, that for my wedding, i was going to be wearing ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and riding up on a harley. i think it was when i was going through my rebellious phase, sick of everyone thinking that i was always so sweet and innocent and 'good'. i don't think he believed me, but he smiled at me in that little way of his - but anyway. since then, i've told many people that that's how i'm going to be married, although i doubt it'll happen.

i told everyone today that i was going to elope because a wedding was too much hassle - kristy looked at me and said "we're going to have to have a serious talk about this jade!". i wouldn't do that either, because i really like the idea of having a wedding, no matter how big or small it is, but it was just something to say, heh. i think my parents would kill me if i eloped anyway, and i promised my sister that she could be my bridesmaid, so eloping just isn't an option.

the other plan my mum and i were talking about is a riverdance style wedding. instead of "here comes the bride", some riverdance [[irish music]] song* would play instead, and instead of walking down the aisle, i'd skip, irish style [[which i do now anyway - i just can't WALK somewhere, i have to skip. i alternate between irish dancing and wizard-of-oz skip. my friends join in. okay, stop rolling your eyes, it's fun]]. i'd wear a dress that i could skip in [[something from "riverdance" or "lord of the dance"]] and little ballet shoes or the irish dance shoes that i have - soft slippers. hmmm. it has possibilities. there are a number of really beautiful irish love songs that would also be suitable for a wedding. and the date? why, st patricks day, of course!

on a more serious level, i would really love to get married at sunset. why? because wouldn't that just be THE most beautiful backdrop to be married against? oh, i want an outdoors wedding. at a garden or a beach most preferably. it'd have to be in summer - so the wedding would be at - what, 8pm? and then an evening reception. heh, i always like the party the night away anyway. i want it to be a simple wedding. not too much fuss. just my sister and maybe sarah as my bridesmaids, a best man, our family and close friends, and not much else. that would be so lovely. oh, and lots of flowers. because i love flowers, and i don't think i could get married without having at least a few flowers. that's all i want. love, flowers, and the sunset.

it's a nice little dream, anyway.

* riverdance music


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