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Don't take it for granted

I'm annoyed at the moment with ICQ because none of my messages are getting to anyone :P I'm sorry Beth! Well, for the first time in absolute ages, I'm not panic-stricken with the thought of starting Uni in 2 weeks. I've been so scared lately just thinking about it, but I'm okay today. Wonder how long that will last? Orientation Week starts next week, but I'm only there for 2 days or something, so it's not much of a week. Tomorrow Kristy and I are meeting Sarah at her business college in the city. It's so bizarre not being in school anymore. I don't really like it. School equals stability, and unlike some people, I never dreaded going to school, because I got to see all my friends, and also all the guys. *lol* No, really, the guys I loved were just good friends...I could trust them and talk to them, and they always made me feel good about myself. I was at the library today, which is next door to our 'rival' school, Woodcroft college, and it was 3:30pm, so there were all these kids standing around in their uniforms waiting for the bus, and just hanging out with friends, and it was so bizarre knowing that those days are over for me. I don't miss stressing out at school, but I do miss being at school, the lunchtimes spent in the classrooms - maths classes spent chatting to all my favourite guys (yes, being the sole female of that clas defiantely had it's advantages! - catching up on all the latest goss before school started each morning - and basically just spending time with all my favourite people. I miss you all!

I also found out the other night from Russell that Magill, the campus I'm going to Uni on, is 88% FEMALE! :P I'm SPEWING!!! How am I supposed to meet Mr Right on an almost all-female populated campus?! I hope I'm doing the right course. I'm starting to think that maybe I should have done Pyschology after all, instead of social work...but anyway, we do 2 subjects in pyschology this year, so if I find that I like it more that social work, then I'll switch courses or something next year. But for now, I can't think ahead to the end of the week, let alone till next year.

What else? I'm watching the Winter Olympics right now (along with half of the rest of the world...), and I'm waiting for the ice-dancing to come on. I can't believe some of the steps they do! I can't even do most of them on the ground - forget putting me on ice-skates to do them.

It still totally surprises me to see when people have linked to me on their pages. It's a nice surprise! But I don't want to take it for granted. It's cool if people like my page. I don't expect people to. I'm trying to make this page good for me, and if others don't like it, well, that's their problem. Afterall, it's my page. But, no, that's junk. It is important to me if others like my page. I just don't want that to be the main purpose of my page ~ to please others. Lately there's been such nice comments in the guestbook, and it makes me so happy that peoplke are actually reading the things that I'm writing, and commenting on them. You all make me so happy, thank you very much!! I try to return the favour as quickly as possible. :o)

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