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Social Directors

I just got a new pair of glasses today, so my head hurts getting used to them. I haven't had a new pair since I was in like, year 6, and now I'm in Uni! Wow. My friends and I were going to have a video night at my place on Friday night, but mum won't let me. I guess I can understand it, I wasn't in the mood to have another big thing at my place again. Why is it that me, Sarah and Kristy are the ones organising everything? All the social events, I mean. Tim's mum called me the Social director of Year 12, and at the time I laughed it off, but now I can see that's true. We are the Social Directors of our class. The three of us, since october last year, have organsied a video night (apart from this one, that is), a pre muck-up day barbecue, Christmas party, poker night, movie group to see Scream, I think that's it. It may not seem like much, but we're seriously running out of ideas. And it would be nice for some others to do the organising for once. But I think people are relying on us to do it all now. With the movie thing, Shelley and Daniel were going to organise it but then Daniel rang me up and told me to organise everything, because we were so good at it!! I was soo pissed off (but then we made him ring everyone to invite them, so at least we didn't have to pay for phonecalls). I'm getting kinda frustrated writing this. I really love my class, but I'm just sick of the three of us having to organise anything that involves more than 4 people and is not an 18th party. Especially since usually we're the ones who have to pay for food and stuff. It all adds up! And then if people have a rotten time, we get blamed because we organised it! Actually, no-one has complained that they have had a rotten time at any of our get-togethers. But's always a thought.

I went to see Kristy at school today at still feels totally weird going to the school, and not being in school, walking through the carpark, and not seeing any of the guys cars there in their usual spots. We're trying to decide on Friday night what to do now the video night is off. Just the 3 of us though. None of us have much money anyway. What DO people do on the weekends? I mean, that doesn't cost tons of money, and doesn't involve alcohol. I need some suggestions. Write to me, and tell me what you do on the weekends. I'd really like to know!

Ya know, I've realy enjoyed the few days I've had with my journal on here. I still have to be careful of what I write because I can't be 100% sure that it doesn't get read by the wrong eyes. But I can still get the geberal idea out. I don't even know if anyone reads this, since it's not overly interesting, and I'm sure people don't care about half the stuff I write about, but it helps me. I like being able to write and get my thoughts out.

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