scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

After all the might have beens

Waking up at 6:30 this morning to be on time for my Uni Orientation
day, was horrible. Especially since I couldn't get to sleep until well after midnight.
Don't ask me why, since I went to bed just after 9pm. On top of that, the bus was late, so
I missed my connecting bus to Magill. I was worried about being late for my first lecture,
but then when I got there, I found that they had moved the times to half an hour later, so
I didn't need to be so worried after all. I got my timetable worked out for the first
semester - I have every Wednseday off, and I don't start any earlier than 10am. So that's
pretty sweet.

The close and distant calls

Getting up and dressed this morning, that early, brought back so many
memories of year 12. One especially vivid one was of the time, at the end of 3rd term,
when our English class went to Adelaide uni for this big discussion on all the books we
had studied. We had to meet in the city at something like 8:30am, and I remember waking up
at the same time, and getting dressed the same way I was today. I think it was the music I
was listening to that brought back all those memories. LeAnn Rimes "Inspirational
songs". I kept listening to thet song "On the Side of Angels" over and
over, and for some reason, it just made me think of that day. *Sigh* Things were so
different, really. We were still a class, and there were 2 special guys that I liked. I
think the weather also brought back those memories - weather always reminds me of the

After all the try-agains

The song makes me think. Maybe I should really listen to the words, and
not the tune, and believe in what it's saying. I should stop worrying about not having a
boyfriend, and just trust God in that area. It's all out of my control anyway. I've
decided that this year, I'm just going to concentrate on getting straight A's and making
loads of new friends and not letting Uni intimidate to me, and not worry about finding the
right guy. If it happens, it happens, but I'm not going to waste time looking when I have
other things to concentrate on. I'll leave it up to God.

Don't be afraid to fall

I ran into Katrina, Javannah and Russell at Magill today...that
goodness I found some people I knew! We ended up going back to town and getting lunch
together, which was better than spending the day on my own. I can't elieve uni starts next
week. It's really...I don't know. I am sort of looking forward to it. I don't know what
it's going to be like, I just hope that I don't get too overwhelmed. It's going to be soo
different...I just want to go back to year 12 where I had all of my friends around me and
I knew what to expect each day. Here, I don't know what to expect. Help me.

We're on the side of angels

I feel like I haven't achieved anything in my life. No, seriously,
watching the Winter Olympics last week, I see, what, 15 year olds winning Gold medals??
Our Australian figure skater, Joanne Carter - she just finished year 12, same as me, as
well as training for the Olympics. I had enough trouble coping with year 12, let alone
dedicating myself to 5 hours of training a day. If I was to die tomorrow, I don't know
what I'd be remembered for. I want to do something, achieve something, be a success. You
only live once. whilst some people just want to go out and get drunk every night, I want
to do something substantial. I don't know what though, I'll have to think about it. I just
want to get involved with something worthwhile, and dedicate my energy to something other
than guys and shopping and the Internet.

After all...


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