scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Its all over

It's all over. All sorted out. This letter thing, I mean. And the situation with Susanne and Luke. Well, I hope it is anyway.

I decided to ring Susanne last night, and get all this worked out. I didn't want to write her a letter, because I didn't know how I would say most of the things that I had to. I rang her house, and got her number (since she's staying at Luke's place, then rang there. We talked about the letter, and I explained things the way I saw them, she explained things the way she saw them. I'm so relieved that we've talked it over. She still wants to be friends, but I just want all this gossiping and rumours to stop. Well now, all I can say is, I've done my best. I'm not going to worry about it anymore. There's nothing more I can do, and now we can just get on with our lives. I'm sick of worrying about it.

I discovered that we have AOL Instant Messenger on our browser, although I won't ask why since we don't live in America! It's all set up, as well, like registered or something like that, so it's useable. Well, it would be if I had some people to talk to!! I wonder if it's like ICQ? It looks a bit like it, but I really don't know.

I've been thinking about the whole concept of having a journal on this page. Isn't it bizarre, I don't want any of my best friends knowing some of the things in my life, yet I'm okay with complete strangers just drifting in here and reading whatever they want about my life, even the tiniest details? But I like having a diary here. At first I thought I would be really slack and never write in it, like a paper journal, but I've found that I really like writing in it. I like to write for an audience. What amazes me is finding that people are actually linking to my journal - what, people are actually interested in my day to day like? It's kinda freaky...kinda this way, I feel like I can merge the 2 sides of me - the Internet side, and the real life side - into one. A lot of my friends kniow about this webpage, and I tell them about the people I meet on there, and then on my webpage, I describe the real life that I am living. I don't want the two to become seperated, so that I am really living two seperate lives.

Ha...and after all of that, I realise that I have an Internet alias of Jazzee, obviously not my real name. Well, it is my real life nickname, to some, as well, so I guess that's okay.


I got an email today saying that I would be in the voting section of the Site Fights as of this Monday. I added all the banners and, I guess that's it. I'm still not sure why I joined the Site Fights. I remember I didn't think it through very well when I filled out the form. But oh could be...interesting. It can't hurt!

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