scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Christine Daae, Titanic Girl

Well I'm talking to Tim at the moment on ICQ... I haven't talked to him since me, Sarah and Kristy visited him last Friday night. I'm also talking to Olivia. Hmm...I'm kinda sick of the Net at the moment. Most of the time, I only get on to talk to people and check my email. I'm sick of webpage offense to the hundreds of people out there who all have brilliant homepages, of course! Oh well.

I'm thining of changing my page to "The Music of the Night" - this time, for good. I never intended for Heart of the Ocean to become permanent - it's cute and all, but it was really just a result of my Titanic obsession. I want a black background, and I think I know how I want to design it all...but to change my entire site again, it's going to take ages. It took hours last time I renovated from Crystal Wave to Heart of the Ocean, and now I have twice as many pages. With Uni coming up and all, will I even have time to redesign an entire site? Oh well... I guess I'll see. I was thinking, would I have to change my Nickname from The Titanic Girl to something "Phantom of the Opera"-ish, and Olivia came up with, Christine Daae, the Titanic Girl. I really like that! (Yes, I'm sad!). Hehe.

Hmmm...I'm starving. I'm going to get something to eat when I get disconnected. I'll probably come back on later and write more, since I don't know what else to rave about.

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