scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Starting Uni

Uni is pretty good so far. I can’t believe that I was so scared to start last week! I really enjoy it. All my classes are really interesting so far, and I’m planning to get stuck into the assignments early, to avoid getting overwhelmed towards the middle and end of semester. I’m so tired right now! I finished at 7pm, and this guy I met gave me a lift home, because he lives not far from where I do. *No*, it’s not like ya think! He’s 34, and his oldest daughter, who’s 6, goes to my old school! He’s very nice, and he’s a Christian as well. He had the same late lecture as me, and he offered me a lift home, although naturally at first I wasn’t too sure about whether to accept or not. After all, this guy was practically a total stranger. But we talked heaps, and I decided that it would be a lot quicker. I got home a whole hour earlier than I would have catching the bus. My parents were really relieved. I managed to change that late lecture, so now I go in at 10am Tuesdays, and finish at 3pm, which is a *lot* better than starting at 1pm, and finishing at 7pm. Graham said that we will arrange when I can lifts with him to the Uni, since we’re doing the same course, although some different lecture times.

I’ve met a few other really nice people as well. Since most of us are first year students, we’re all eager to make new friends and meet new people at the uni, so we’re less lonely. I’ve seen Katrina and Javannah and Russell around a lot as well. I’m so gald I have tomorrow off! Monday and Tuesdays are my busiest/longest days. Some Thursdays and every Friday, I only have to go in for one lecture or tutorial. It seems kinda pointless, like I travel 3 hours, for a one hour lecture, but oh well. It can’t be helped.

Voting for my site in the Site Fights started yesterday, but I have no idea as to what I got. I know I’ll definately be spending a *lot* less time on the Net now that I’ve started uni - with classes and travelling and assignments and reading, plus penpals and other friends, I won’t have as much time anymore. But don’t worry, I’ll still keep up with my journal! Even if I don’t have time to transfer them onto the Net each day, I’ll still write regular entires (maybe not everyday, but pretty close *smile*), and then add them all when ever I have a day off. I’ll miss talking to everyone, but hey, ya’s all have my email address. I’ll write to ya’s! I’ll see you on days off anyway, most probably.

My favourite subject so far is Interpersonal Communication. It seems so interesting, and I have an *excellent* tutorial group. At first, I went to the wrong room, and everyone in the group was a mature-age student! I was the youngest by 6 years!! But then when the signup sheet got passed around, I realised that I was meant to be next door, and most of the people were my age, or only a couple of years older. Thank goodness! Psychology seems pretty interesting as well.

Oh well. That’s my life up-to-date for now. Enjoying uni, and wondering why the heck I was so darn scared in the first place!!

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