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Uni is still going well. I spent $100 on textbooks today - my one for pyschology was nearly $70! It looks interesting though. I think I only have to get my Sociology one, whiuch I think I'm getting second hand, and then I'll have all my texts for this first semester. I had my first actual lecture today - not an introduction-to-the-course sort of lecture like we have been all week, but a proper one about the actual subject. It was for Pyschology, and we were discusing Evolution and stuff, all of which I did last year in biology, so it was easy to understand. :o)

I'm getting so much spam mail about the Site fights!! Everyday, either people wanting me to vote for them, or people on the team about Cheers and stuff like that. I'm seriously NOT getting into all the Site Fight hype. For one thing, I don't have time! For another, I don't really care how my site does. I like it, and that's all that matters. I didn't design my site for the approval of others, but in a way, that's what the site fights is about. Maybe I should pull out.

I haven't talked to Sarah or Kristy for a while. Well, Sarah rang Monday night, but I haven't talked to Kristy since Saturday night. The 3 of us, plus Russell and Greg, are supposed to be doing something tomorrow night - something to do with going down to the Air Cadet place where Steven trains, again. But I'm kinda sick of doing that. I wanna hang out with other people besides Russell and Greg all the time. Things are just so predictable now. I just want some variety now, not the same thing all the time, everyweek. Not the same people, either. I need some change.

I'm restless. I can't think of anything more to say.
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