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Thanks goodness it’s finally the weekend!! It’s been so long since I’ve really had a weekend ~ being on holidays since the end of November kinda made me take weekends for granted, and not take any notice of them. I want to have a relaxing weekend, catch up on some reading, and maybe call some other friends who started uni this week, and see how they’re enjoying it.

Russell told me, before uni started, that the first 6 months of uni are absolute hell, but then after that, it’s all smooth sailing. Well, I’m enjoying uni so far!! What’s wrong with me?? I’m supposed to be hating it! Nah, I’m glad I like it. It’s no fun dreading things. I’m having an easier time getting to sleep at night this week, and I’m not that tired anymore either! That’s good! Last week, and for ages before that, I was having so much time getting to sleep at night. I would go to bed at 11pm, and not fall asleep until 2am, or later. That really yanked. But now everything’s okay. I think I’m a lot happier now. Maybe it’s because I actually have a purpose now. I have an idea of what to expect from uni, and something productive to do each day. I just have to make sure that on the pther end of the scale, I don’t over-do things too much, or I’ll just wind up stressed and depressed again.

Eww, there’s ants crawling around everywhere in here, all over the keyboard and the tables. I killed some of them with the Surface spray, but there’s a few buggers who refuse to die. I think we’re up to about day 5 on the Site Fights, or something. The time zones makes everything really confusing. It’s not ‘the next day’ over in New York (according to that clock thingy on the voting pages) until about 9pm over here, so they’re nearly an entire day behind. That makes voting difficult, because I don’t know when it’s okay to vote again! Since they have that rule about ‘ballot stuffing’ - voting more than once a day on a particular team. If I don’t get through to the next round after this week, (and I probably won’t, the last time I checked, I was drawing 4th out of 5 sites), I’m not re-entering. But I’ll continue if I get through. Oh, who cares anyway? It’s only for fun, but everyone makes such a big deal out of them, if they don’t come first or whatever.

Sarah rang me last night, and she said that me, her and Kristy are supposed to be doing something tomorrow, but she didn’t know what. Kristy told her we were, or something. Yeah, whatever. I wanna see the rest of my class. My old class, I mean.

At the beginning of the week, I thought it would be a miracle if I actually survived my first week at Uni, I so much didn't think that I could do it. *sigh*. I'm glad I proved myself wrong.


No-one's on ICQ at the moment, but I'm sorta in the mood to speak to some people right now. I miss everyone! Butr then, I'm tired. I probably won't be on here for much longer anyway. I just finished my letters to Joanne and Karen, I feel so bad for taking so long to write back to trhem. Karen's, I took 2 months to write. The worst thing is I don't even really have an excuse, since I've been on holidays for so long, and have had so much time! But maybe that's why nothing ever got done in my holidays. Because they stretched out for so long, I felt like I had all the time in the world to do things, but I didn't really. The holidays had to finish sometimes, and for that, I'm glad.

My back's sore from my backpack. With all the textbooks and stuff for uni, my bag gets *very* heavy, and it hurts by back and neck and shoulders. I hate heavy bags. :o(

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