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First assignment

Well, I’m finishing everythng it seems this weekend. Last night I finished the layout for "Sunrise", as you may have noticed. I was proud of myself for finishing it 2 days before I initially said I would have it done - I didn’t think I could even get it done by Monday, because of all the reading and stuff for uni. But I slogged at it, and changed it all, and I got to open it last night again. Now I won’t need to spend so much time updating my page, hopefully this will be the *last* layout for my page. I never really realised how many pages I had, until I had to go through and change them all. Hopefully all the links are right though. Maybe I’ll even get into the habit of writig proper journal entries now *smile*, now that I don’t have anything else to add to my page at the moment!

And just then, I finished my first assignment for uni. It’s not due for another week, but next weekend I’m all busy, and I thought it would be better to get it done this weekend, rather than have it hanging over my head next week when I’m supposed to be having fun. It was summarising and critiquing a 5000 word article into 250 words. Like, hello?? Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t write only 250 words. I’m not into writing short things (well, unless I can’t be bothered writing a decent journal entry...). But I got it done. It was even half interesting reading that stupid article as well. Yes, I know I said that I loved uni and it was all interesting, but in all honesty, Human Service Provision will be one subject I won’t be sorry to see end at the end of this semester. It’s the most boring out of the four, but the others are cool. I’m, just not into Government and politics and stuff like that. But hey, at least the assignment is done.

So, what to do tonight? I started getting ahead with my Sociology reading, but I’m not even sure if it’s the right chapter. I think it’s been listed wrong in the handout, because it has nothing to do with the topic set for this week. I hate having so many breaks in between lectures and tutorials, because what am I suopposed to do? I don’t like carrying so many spare textbooks with me to read in the breaks when I don’t need them. Usually I just end up socialising, but I don’t always see my friends. Ah well. Something always happens.

I know my journal is usually really boring, and I never have anything fascinating to say. But hey, ya don’t have to read it. I don’t mind people reading it (obviously, if I have it on my website, duh!), but I’m afraid that it’s so dull and uninteresting...all the interesting stuff I always think of when I’m not near the computer, and can’t be bothered writing it down on paper (like, on the bus), and then I just forget, or it’s irrelavent by the time I update. *sigh* Sue me. Maybe one of these days, something interesting will actually happen so that I can write about it!

Nah, because knowing me, I just won’t be stuffed to write about it!

(See what I mean by boring?)

well, it’s nearly 6pm, so I have a good 4 hours to do some reading...write a letter...ring a friend...ahh, the possibilities! (Hmm). And so another weekend draws to a close. 5 days until the next one! And what a great weekend it will be. *smile*

Seeya later. Thanks for reading.

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