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Why violence?

I was on the bus to Magill this morning, and we heard this loud beeping, and a whole lot of yelling in the street. Everyone - and I mean everyone, from the driver to the old ladies sitting at the front - turned around to see what the commotion was all about. What did we see? A couple of guys in a truck parked on the side of the road, yelling out hello to a friend. After that, everyone on the bus turned back to what they were doing before that.

What makes me wonder is, if there was a fight going on, instead of a friendly reunion between mates, or something that was ‘interesting’, would the attention of the people on the bus be focused on them? Or would they have turned their attention back to the inside of the bus?

What is it about this society that thrives on action? Violence? Fights? I went to a party last November, and a HUGE fight escalated - everyone was really drunk, and the fight got really vicious. It was awful - blood and everything. But still, almost everyone who wasn’t involved, stood by and watched. They all agreed that it was awful. But they still couldn’t draw their attention away from the scene.

This is just something that was bugging me today on the bus. I want to know why...why people are so drawn into violence. What’s so great about other people getting hurt? I was talking to my friend Greg about the movie Titanic, and how he refused to see it because there was no violence in it. (Never mind that 1500 people die in it, he wanted pain) For a lot of people (sorry to generalise, but it’s usually guys), the more violence, the better. I didn’t watch most of Scream 1 or 2 because I didn’t like the stabbing.

Yes, I know it’s only a movie. But it’s the principle of the thing. Why pain? Why must there be pain and suffering involved before it attracts people? Yesterday whilst I was at the school visiting Kristy, Russell and Greg were talking about the Chinese torture methods. I covered my ears and refused to listen. They thought it was "cool". Hello??? How would they like it if someone did it to them?

Maybe I’m being too sensitive. Maybe my lifestyle is so simplistic that I don’t need the ‘excitement’ of violence and seeing other people get hurt. After all, some of my favourite movies are "Little Women" and "The Lion King" and "The Sound of Music". I just can’t comprehend the need for viciousness. I don’t like how some people can gain pleasure out of another person’s pain.

I got an email from Tim today! He’s coming to the barbecue on Sunday...I can’t wait to see him.

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