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Who am I?

I downloaded this Who Am I test from Beverly’s site this afternoon, and I was just mucking around with it before. The idea of it is to design a house - well, the outside of a house, and you chose one of the six of each ‘thing’ for it - such as fence, gate, pond, sun, cloud...The program then produces an analysis of what sort of person you are from it.

You are a conformist who likes to do the 'right thing'. Sudden changes in your day-to-day environment unsettles you, leading to insecurity if protracted. Likely to see complex issues as black or white rather than shades of grey.

I guess this part is kind of true. I do like to do the right thing, and I am fairly conformist-like (not that that’s a bad thing, as I’ve just learned in Sociology!). I’m not too sure about the changes in my ‘day-to-day’ environment - I like routine, but I get restless easy. I like having a routine to follow each day, and I hate things disrupting it, but I don’t like the same routine each day. I like things going according to plan. Sometimes I see complex issues as ‘black or white’ - but it really depends on what the issue is! I can’t generalise for everything. I need to know enough about the issue before viewing it as either ‘black or white’ or ‘shades of grey’.

The word 'Teaser' may well sum up your relationship with other people because you tend to lead them on, creating an image to control and influence how others see you. You like to be liked and can be very sensitive to criticism. Before letting anyone get really close, you must know them for a long time and trust completely that they would like the 'real' you.

Well, that bit is pretty much totally accurate. I do create an image, of confidence, which influences the people I meet and makes them see me as confident and in control. But I do think ‘teaser’ might be putting it a bit harshly - I do not put on this image to manipulate people, but instead because I’m not comfortable with revealing my true person to people I don’t even know (hence the "Before letting anyone get to close..." statement). I do like to be liked, and I’m not too good at taking criticism.

Happiness in life is often based on a balance between spiritual happiness and material security. You recognise and hold this belief dear: if trapped into a position of maintaining financial security in an unhappy situation, you would seek to achieve personal fulfilment in other areas - often by unusual means to avoid risking loss of this security.

Yeah, I do like to be secure, money-wise - but who doesn’t? But I agree with the part about maintaining a balance between happiness and financial security. When I worked at McDonald’s, I was totally unhappy, and decided that it wasn’t worth working for money when I wasn’t even happy about it. I’d rather be broke than sad.

People find you easy to approach. Your image, as seen by others, is of a trustworthy and 'flexible' person, not naive or foolish; this is compatible with the image you like to portray to others of being honest and 'solid'.

Definately. This is very true.

Much of what we become is formed in the early years of our life by our parents and family. When you were young your mother was loving and helpful. You don't feel she failed you in any way. Surprisingly, this has not been a major factor in shaping your character and the person you are today. Other major factors in your childhood or adult life have been more influential on you!

Okay, whatever. I guess this is true as well.

Although you feel you do/did not know your father's true nature, he appears to be a warm loving person. There were times though when you felt he wasn't strong or understanding enough when you needed more than a loving smile and a gentle kiss good-night. This has had some affect in the past on forming your character. Parental traits, affecting how you like to deal with life, come from your father (a little) but more from other factors.

Not really true - I don’t know.

Your mother and father were not a close couple. They are shown in your picture as often divided in their relationship.

Nope, this is *not* true!

You can be very introspective, often thinking deeply about life and it's purpose. Your picture indicates you possess a major capacity for reflecting on a variety of subjects especially on philosophical or possibly emotional issues. You posses a strong belief in at least one specific discipline: religion, sexual equality, science, animal rights, politics etc.

Yeah, I do think deeply about a lot of things, some of which is reflected in this journal, but most of it I can’t be bothered writing down. I’m a thoughtful person - I like to think a lot. Well, sometimes. Other times I just prefer to be mindless.

In astrology one of the most passionate star-sign types is the Scorpion. You possess many of the Scorpion traits: passionate, hot and exciting in love and sensual pursuits. In life you will pursue anything which fires your imagination for as long as it captures you. This type of dynamic obsession can overcome unbelievable odds and obstacles and enables you to achieve great things. But this same power can lead to great pain and and extensive self-damage especially in matters of the heart.

Well, I don’t believe in Star signs and astrology, so I’ll skip that part. But the other bit - about pursuing anything that ‘fires my imagination’ is pretty accurate. I’m *very* ambitious, and have so many career plans, I don’t know which one to follow!

This has happened to you: your picture is showing repression of all these things - the fire is not burning as bright as it once did., not really! I haven’t had many rejections when it comes to ambition so far!

Summary of other traits and personal tastes:-
Decision making : Balanced - calculated or judged.
Day-dreams most of : Material Wealth - money,clothes,cars etc.,
Worst Nightmares of: Death, violence, loss of someone you love.
General Outlook : Mostly pessimistic.

The decision making and Worst nightmares section is true: the other two are not as quite. I don’t spend much of my time dreaming solely about material wealth - maybe those things are corporated into my day-dreams though. Mostly I dream about people though. And general outlook - well, it really depends on what sort of mood I’m in! I’m more optimistic than pessimistic, unless I’m really depressed or fed-up or something.

- -- - -- - -- -

Well, wasn’t that fun? Ha. I think personally think that personality tests are a load of junk, but they’re kinda interesting...I guess though, I should get used to them, if I want to be a psychologist and all!

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