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Holiday plans and a whole lot of other stuff

Interpersonal Communication is becoming more interesting. We had to pair up in today’s session, and in those pairs, organise a seminar - taking over the class and leading a discussion - about anything we want. I paired up with Lesley, this really nice girl who I met in the first session of IP at the beginning of the term, and almost immediately we diecided what we’re going to do our seminar on. Youth Suicide. It was my suggestion, and Lesley thought it was a good choice. Youth suicide, as we’re all aware, is such a big part of society, but people tend to block their ears, and pretend that it’s not happening. It’s something we’re noth interested in - uh, not committing suicide, duh! - but finding preventions, and ways to eliminate this in our society. I’m looking forward to working on this some more - I’m sure we’ll find some interesting material.

I was over at Delish today, and reading the message board that Calli has set up. Gee, some people can be so bitchy. So much about the delish girls about being snobby, cliquey, unoriginial, etc - enough!! So much fuss over one little domain and a bunch of pages on there. It’s just pathetic! Sure, most of those pages are good, but so are a lot of other people’s who aren’t on! Most of my favourite pages aren’t on there. But the point is, people can be on whatever server they want. People who are bitching against Delish, itr’s not about the pages themselves - what’s the bet that most of the people haven’t even read the content on all those pages? It’s the fact, that one girl has got herself a domain and given a few other girls space there. I just think it’s so pathetic to be competitive over a bunch of homepages, and a waste of time.

I’m waiting for David to call me. Gawd, it’s pathetic to be waiting for a guy to call. No, actually, I did call him a little while ago, but his mum was on the other ine, so she said she would get him to call me back. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t. It’s only about this weekend - yes, the drive-in plans are finalised, now we just have to get people to come! I think they will. Most people we know don’t make plans much in advance (like, maybe 2 hours advance), so they’ll be free. I hope, I hope.

I wanna go to bed, and it’s only 9pm. I’m tired. I have to call Ian, but no sooner will I pick up the phone, David will ring. Always happens. Heh. The last two days have gone so incredibly slow, but now I have tomorrow off, and my two busiest days are over. One more lecture, and one more tutorial, and it will be the weekend. Then 3 more days of classes, and the mid-semester break will be here. Woohoo! Only, too many assignments to actually have fun. And they say Uni is meant to be better than year 12? Hardly - I’m getting deja vu!

Things to do these holidays, if you can even call it that (I’m not complaining - I’m being realistic)

- start all my assignments - get drafts done
- don’t stress?! (That’s in reference to the first thing)
- go shopping at least once (would you believe I haven’t been since before uni started? Me, the queen of shopping! Heh)
- see "Great Expectations" - hopefully (but no bets on that one - out of about the 10 movies I said I’d see this year so far, I only saw about 3 of them)

I guess that’s about it, really.

Well, I guess that’s it, because I’ve forgotton what I’ve written in other journal entries, and I don’t want to repeat myself. Au revoir, my dears.

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