scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Steam is rising from my ears

Oooh, I am so mad at the moment! I'm listening to the radio, and on Ugly Phils Top 30 Countdown, they're having a "Teen Scene" thing about anorexia. Right, nothing wrong with that. But that ditzy 'expert' talking there! She says, "the main characteristic about anorexia nervosa is the person is quite underweight." Ooooohhhh - and she claims to be an eating disorder's expert!! No WONDER people come up to me - and other people who are thin - and ask us if we're anorexic just because we're thin! They're getting told by experts that being thin means you are anorexic! That anorexia ISN'T a psychological disorder, but a physical one! I'm so mad, I'm sitting here typing this and steam is practically rising from my ears. I have a good mind to ring up the radio station and complain, but the lines are always busy! Maybe I'll send an email to the station via their website and tell them exactly what I think. It totally annoys me how so-called 'experts' think that the being thin means your anorexic. It's bad enough from people who don't know any better. Anorexia isn't about being thin. It's a mental problem. In fact, not even all anorexics are significantly thin! (That's a fact - I read it somewhere). I'm sick of this lady. I'm furious. It's NOT nice being called an anorexic just because I'm thin. Yes, anorexia is a serious problem. I'm not saying that it isn't, or that I'm simply unsymapthetic because I happen to be thin. I'm saying that people should stop labelling others, and then maybe we wouldn't have these problems.

On a nicer was my last day at uni for 2 weeks - Easter Break has begun! I got their earlier today - at 10, I didn't start until 5pm officially, but I got in and did some studying - I was so proud of myself! Heh. I actually got motivated. Now I just gotta stick at it the rest of the Break...while all my friends go and have fun...yeah, right. As if. But today was a good start.

Sarah's party is tomorrow...I hope it turns out okay. Too many people are going away for Easter, so who knows who will turn up.

Geocities is actually working fast for once. I don't believe it. Thankyou! I can save without waiting for two hours to get through. Just kidding, doesn't really take me that long.

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