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I’m procrastinating again, but I haven’t written a journal entry for ages - since the weekend. But I’ve had loads of ideas that I wanted to put down into a journal entry - just no time to do so. Or at 12pm when I can’t get to the computer.

I went to Adelaide Uni today with Sarah to use the Barr Smith Library - 4 floors filled with books, computers, and study carrels. I don’t think Magill is even as big as that library - I’m exaggerating. We kept getting lost, and it was all too quiet. Ever been to a place that just insists that you be quiet, and instead you have an overwhelming urge to make a huge noise, drop a huge pile of books on the floor, and draw dirty looks from the other students around you who are actually studying? That’s how we felt today. I’m not normally like that - but I was in a hyper mood. The I got some books which I thought would be really useful for this stupid essay I gotta do, and got to the desk and found out that I couldn’t take out half of them, for some stupid reason, I tuned out. But I think I’ve got enough, it’s not all that long compared to some of my other ones.

But I have been good and not been using the computer much this week - well, the net anyway, I live on Word for all my assignments. I went on for a few hours on Wednesday night though - my best friend Sarah was on at her Nan’s place, so we were chatting through icq and having a laugh, and then Betty came online, so I talked to her for a while as well. I talked to some others for a little while as well. Mostly though I’ve been online to check emails and stuff, guestbook (which no-one signs, sniff) and that. Blah blah blah. :o)

I’ve been getting so much snail mail this week - it’s just cool. A total of 8 this week, now I just gotta write back. Actually, I have to find time to write back, now that could be hard, with all these assignments and crap to hand in within the next month and a half. *sigh*.

I took Kristy up to Magill on Wednesday, and showed her around campus, which took all of a grand total of maybe 5 minutes. I saw Allison on Monday when I was there, she got her tongue pierced. All I can say is, ow! But she’s not a Spice Girl wannabe :o)

Two days until uni goes back, this break seems to have gone fast, but it seems ages since Sarah’s 18th, and that was right at the beginning of the break, so maybe it hasn’t gone all that fast. But I know that I haven’t done nearly as much studying as I said I would. On the other hand, neither has anyone else I’ve talked to from uni. At least I’m not the only one having trouble with all the work.

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