scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Guys vs Girls

In real life, I think I have about the same amount of good guy friends and girl friends. But split them up into their little groups, and then it gets uneven. From school, I keep in touch and see more often, way more guys than girls. The ratio is about, oh, 5:2. I probably even get along with the guys sometimes better than I do girls, but really it just depends what sort of mood everyone is in.

At uni, I have way more good girl friends than guys. In fact, I only know about 3 guys. Going to an 88% female population campus sure isn’t doing much for my love life. But the girls are cool, and I’ve become good friends with a few of them - namely Dori, Bec, Emma, Johvanna, Chantell, and some others.

And then online. I don’t even have any good guy friends online now - Ming would have been my closest one online, whom I still email, but he’s at college too so we don’t see each other on icq anymore. Jon, I talk to maybe once every like, few months, but he’s still cool, and my oldest friend online probably (as in longest). But apart from that, it’s mostly girls I talk to on a regular basis and email - but do I look like I’m complaining?!

I have no idea what point I’m trying to make here. I don’t think I have a point, actually. I’m not complaining or anything, I guess I’m just trying to unravel things in my head. It’s weird how groups form - not cliques, but little groups of friends. Last year in high school, me and Kristy never used to be friends, now that we’ve left school, we’ve become 2 out of 3 best friends. The third one is Sarah, who’s been my friend since year 8, so no surprise there. Russell, Steven, Greg - I was friends with them through maths (being the only girl had it’s advantages), but Sarah and Kristy weren’t really. Ian - I was friends with him throughout year 10 and 11, when he was a year above me, and then he repeated year 12, and we got to be better friends through biology and homeroom. Again - Sarah and Kristy weren’t really friends with him either. But the people we were the most closest too last year - the three of us were ‘groups’ with Susanne and Naomi, and then there were Goldele, Jodie, Belinda, Renee, David, Tim...we hardly see them nowadays unless we have a class thing. So how did the 6 of us (mainly being me, Sarah, Kristy, and Russell, Stevem and Ian) get together? We spend forever mulling that over.

Life can be weird. But hey - when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. And that reminds me - we have the guys cooking for us next weekend! This will be interesting.

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