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Tonight I was cleaning out some files on my computer, deleting old ones which I didn’t need. They all brought back so many memories. I never realised how many memories even my school assignments held. That biology essay which reminded me of the guys in my PG class in year 11. English pictures which reminded me of our Hamlet orals and poetry night. Nutrition which reminded me of study groups in year 12. All sorts of things like that. Each assignment was a reminder of a certain part of my life - like when I realised that Tim Scott was pretty cute, or when I was in hospital with pneumonia. Then there were the assignments and pieces of work which took hours and hours to do, lots of tears and feelings that this would never end. All being thrown away. Zap. Deleted. All the hard work forgotten. But all the good memories that each piece stood for, remembered.

Although at the time last year, and the year before, even the year before that, I said that I would never go back and redo them. But all I remember now were the good things - the friendships, the guys, the smiles, the love. I would go back and redo all those high school days again anytime. Just to recapture some of the feelings.

So many people online talk about how they are an outcast at school, they have more online friends than offline, they substitute the Internet for real life. I could never do that. I was never an outcast at high school. I went from being the quiet bookworm in year 8 to being the smart, happy girl who had lots of good friends and was the most likely candidate for the "best all-rounder" award of the year. (I won it too.) I’m not trying to brag, and say that I was perfect, blah blah blah. Because I wasn’t, I had bad days too. What I’m saying is, high school was great for me. The work was a challenge and a strain on everything - but the social life was great. I fit in, I never dreaded going to school because I had great friends and was surrounded by people whom I loved all day. If I was in a bad mood in the morning, it was a sure bet that by the time I got to school and saw everyone, I would be in a fantastic mood. I would have a smile on my face all day.

When I think back on all that, I get a little sad. Sad that’s it over. High school - I’ve out grown that now. It’s time to move on, concentrate on college - bigger and better, maybe?

I wonder if in a few years time, I’ll look back on my college days in the same nostalgic way that I look back on my high school days?

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