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Dropping out

Russell announced that he was dropping out of university today.

That totally took me by surprise. I mean - huh? I was under the impression that he was loving his course. But he’s been considering this for about a week, and no doubt, Ian dropping out of his course last term didn’t help matters more. He and Ian have a good chance of getting a job up in Queensland together, Queensland! It’s...well, interstate. Far away from us. I was basically in a state of shock all day. Even though Russell drives me crazy sometimes, Just having him around, it adds routine to my day. Especially my Monday morning’s when he’s at the bus stop waiting for the same bus as me. I’ll still see him for awhile on weekends and stuff, but if the guiys get this job, they’ll probably be moving up North pretty soon.

Not only that, but Steven is planning on dropping out of school at the end of this term, and going into the Airforce. Another change. It’ll probably be better for him - he’s slacking at school, wasting time, when what he really wants to do is all the hands-on experience that you get in the Airforce or even in the Army.

Lots of people have dropped out of university, and in particular, our Social Work course. At the beginning of the term, there were so many people in the pyschology lecture that people were sitting in the aisles because there wasn’t enough seats available, and the lecturers were threateneing to kick half of us into the late lecture because it was a health hazard to sit in the stairs. Now, 7 weeks down the track, there’s spare seats everywhere. The lecture room hasn’t suddenly doubled in size to accomodate us all. People are dropping out.

I may be dropping out at the end of the year. I’ve decided, that if I don’t get into Psychology and Flinders University, which I may not because of the high competition rate, then I might (at this stage) drop out, and go to business college next year. Then after that, I can get full time work until I’m 21, and then re-enrol back at uni to do the psychology course. There’s no point in doing a degree in something that I don’t really want to do anymore, not to mention the huge uni fees that accumulate with that! The business college course is something to fall back on.

My problem is, I have so many interests that I don’t know which direction I want to concentrate on for the rest of my life. I love to write - journalism maybe? I have an eye for creative drama - directing, maybe? I like science and analysing people - psychology? And then there’s a whole range of interests which I haven’t even considered yet. Something to do with travel? Dancing? News reporting? There’s so many choices out there, so many different career opportunities which are just waiting for people like us to go out and claim them.


I saw "The Wedding Singer" on Saturday night wtith Kristy. It was the funniest movie - I liked it almost as much as I liked Titanic, and you all know what an obsessive I was over that movie. I though it was cleverly done, it was a love story that wasn’t mushy (ie ‘chick flick’), wasn’t violent, and had a good storyline. Sarah was meant to come with us, but she was sick all week with the flu and wasn’t allowed to come out. So after the movie we went to visit her, she was soo bored. Being sick yanks.

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