scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

It's done

Woohoo, it's finally done - this page, that is. Actually, my assignments are nearly all done as well, so I can say that this has been a very productive week. I worked like crazy to get this page up and running, mainly because I hated my old layout. I like this one *much* better. Even though the graphics and getting the tables right took positively forever! Hopefully this one will be a keeper, I'm not intending to spend as long on another layout as I did on this one!

Anyway, so I haven't written a journal entry for ages, what can I say but I've been to busy on the layout, I wanted to get it done by the end of the week, so I didn't feel like writing a journal entry anyway. I've been busy, apart from this page. I have one more assignment which is due on Tuesday of next week, but I also have a 4-day weekend, so hopefully I'll get it done easily enough. Tomorrow night is Daniel's barbecue, only I'm not sure how I'm getting there. None of the guys want to drive, so we're all trying to get lifts from Greg, but hey, his car can only seat so many. Not that that's ever stopped us before!

Yesterday I stayed a while after uni (I only had one lecture), with Bec and Lisa. I always thought that Lisa was a bit snobby, but she's really nice and really easy to talk to. We were going to go around to Lisa's for a coffee after class, but we had a ton of stuff to do in the library, then Bec wanted to get into the coity before 5pm so she could look for a top for this ball that she's going to at Flinders uni next week, so we decided to leave it to another day.

Lesley and I had our Interpersonal Communication talk on Tuesday, the one on Youth Suicide, I talked too fast though :( It was my biggest problem in high school, and everyone knew me as the girl who spoke too fast. Looks like the stigma is here to stay for university as well! I honestly thought I was speaking slow! But I guess I'm used to it. We went 10 minutes undertime as well, so we had to adlib for the rest of the time, which actually went really well. Almost better than the actual talk itself. Go figure.

I had lots more that I was going to say in this journal entry...but I forgot it all. I guess I just want to go and upload all this now, so that people can start looking at this page, and not my other crappy layout! Then it's back to my assignment, once that's done, I'll have no stresses for at least another week :)

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