scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Let's show 'em what we're made of

I was on the phone to Sarah last night, and we got to talking about the guys we hang out with. We've come to the conclusion that the guys don't actually seem to realise that we're female. I mean, we really are just one of the guys to them. Like, for example, last Saturday night. Down at Glenelg, the three of us girls were walking across the road to the other side where the guys were hanging by the car. This car full of guys drove past, and they tooted at us. The guys (our guys) were like, "what did they do that for?" Uh, hello guys - we're female! That's the sorta thing they would do to a group of girls walking across the road - but I think they forgot that we were girls and that it was okay for other guys to pay attention to us. But this isn't a bad thing - but Sarah and I have decided that one night when we go out with them, we're really going to show them what we're made of. Sugar and spice and all things nice? Not on your life! We're going to show the guys that hey, we can be as feminine as we want, get decked out in the short skirts and midriff tops (personal favourite style of mine), and really show some girly style. Just to see what they're reaction is.

I talked to Kristy as well last night, but unfortuantely, she's not coming tonight, There's a guet speaker talking at a church tonight that she wants to go to. I practically had to twist Sarah's arm to get her to come as well. She claimed that she was getting sick again, but hey, the night out will be good for her. She can't stay home all weekend, I know how bored she gets. Greg's giving us a lift, along with Steven and Russell. I wonder who else will be there? I haven't heard many people say that they're going so far, and I haven't had any time all week to ring anyone else and invite them to come along because I know Daniel wouldn't have rung the whole class. Therefore there's going to be people who weren't invitied, and I feel bad about that, but hey, I'm not organising this thing!

I was going to upload this page last night, but what happened? Well in the morning, altern was down, so nobody could upload anything. Then last night while I was on the phone, I got through, and started uploading everything. What happened? I did it all wrong, so I'm going to try after I finish this entry and get it all done. I want it up!

I've been having some really freaked out dreams lately. Dreams where I've been slicing my arms with a knife, but trying to hide it from everyone. They keep recurring - I'm not sure what they mean.Maybe I'll talk to Steven about them, and he can help me figure them out. They're so vivid, I wuold believe that they're true except I have no cuts on my arms, so they can't be true. They don't hurt in my dreams either.

Oh well. I'm ready to upload. Yay.

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