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09 January 2002 @ 10:12 pm
right leg, red star  
Last night, a group of us from work went to see "Shallow Hal". It was amusing, although some of the jokes were in poor taste. However, Gayle, trying to play twister on the stars on the carpet of the theatre carpet made it all worth it [ha!], but next time, we need to try harder to get the others involved. [left arm, yellow star!] Today has been a big nothing, and I'm glad for that. One day of solace before sinking into the despair of summer school assignments. And still I curse myself for undergoing this summer class when I was already tired of studying. Nevermind. Soon enough it will be over.

Tomorrow night after work: I need to go and order my bridesmid shoes for Sarah's wedding. I hope they can get them in my size (Sarah: I'm going for the ones like your sister's, the first pair we saw!) I also need to get my hair recoloured sometime, so the streaks are the same colour as the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing. Woohoo. Probably won't be tomorrow night, but eventually. Before February 16, at any rate.

I need sleep.