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Distinctions, directors, and other things

I met a director at the bus stop yesterday! She studied drama at the university that I'm at, University of South Australia, and the same campus, and she's really nice. We just started chatting while waiting for the bus to Magill, and she told me about some of the plays and stuff which she's directed, one which includes 'Dangerous Liasons'. She invited me to audition for her next play, which will start rehearsals in October! I don't know if I'm going to do it though - I'm not really into the acting side of things.


I got a distinction over all for sociology! I said the week before to some people, I'll be laughing if I get a distinction in sociology, because I hate it so much. I got all my essays back and everything yesterday in our (last!) sociology tutorial, and I got distinctions for my two papers (one of which I didn't even proofread, I handed it in as a draft, but hey I'm not complaining), and a high credit for my talk. So altogether that equals out to a distinction overall - I'm so happy with that! Considering I stopped going to lectures this term and never paid attention to the tutorials especially when they got boring (which was every week), I did well. I'm just lucky there's no exam for this subject! But I didn't ever think that I would actually get a distinction for it.


Yesterday afternoon when I logged onto the net and went to my page, I found that vivacious was no longer there! Argh! I got a lot of emails from friends saying that they heard that vivacious got hacked, and that sure looks like what happened, considering I could still ftp stuff there, so the domain obviously still exists, but all our files, all our pages, folders, and everything was lost. All I can say is thank goodness I no longer update online, because if I'd lost everything, I sure wouldn't be starting again with a whole new page! But I was able to just ftp the few pages I deleted on altern back again (thank goodness this was one of the few days where altern ftp was actually working!) Yeah for ftp!


I was meant to go out withKristy and the guys last night to go roller blading (we were going to see 'Wild Things' but it wasn't playing at the theatre closest to us, so we decided to go roller blading instead, but then I started to feel sick, and I felt soo lightheaded, I knew it wasn't a good thing to go rolerblading. I probably would have passed out in the middle of the rink! So I rang Kristy up and cancelled, and stayed in bed and watched the iceskating competition on TV instead. I love watching figure skating! So it wasn't a bad night after all.


I found out yesterday that I can change courses next semester, instead of waiting until next year to do it. I'm going to see someone next week and find out what I have to do. I've decided that I'll do psychology through arts, and I don't see the point in wasting another 6 months in a course that I know that I don't want to do. Not to mention, next semester in Social Work, one of the subjects is Legal and Politics! No way! That's got to be the most boring subject that I could do. I just hope that I really can change! What's the point in staying otherwise, especially with my HECS fees building up!

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