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Club cruiser

Bec and I have decided to have a joint party for our 18th birthdays. Bec was planning to get a club cruiser for hers, which is a bus that takes you to all different nightclubs in the city and you stay for a few hours at each of them, and she wanted me to come, but I wouldn't be old enough in July, which was when her birhday is. Not only that but she hadn't organised any of it either (ie, booking the bus). So she was saying today that maybe she would wait until after September so that I would definately be able to go, and then we came up with the idea of having a joint party, and getting the club cruiser together. That solves a number of things. One, it instantly doubles the number of people who come, and as far as a party goes, the more people, the better! And another thing, we both get to meet each others friends. Both Bec and I have heard so much about the other's friends, it's about time that we got to meet each other! And having it in September gives us time to organise the bus and everything else. I'm glad I've decided what I'm doing for my 18th at long last!


I went to the Student Association or Education Support Services, whatever it's called, and asked about shanging courses for next se,ester, but it's not happening. I have to wait until next year after all. Oh well, I guess I wasn't really expecting to be able to change in the middle of the year after all.


I met Sarah in the city tonight after uni. Before, a bunch of us were just hanging out in the bar and chilling out and everything (all of us saying, yeah, we should be studying for exams...but it didn't happen). Then Sarah and I went shopping in the city for a little while, then I went back to Sarah's place.We've decided to get a bunch of people together to go out for tea on Friday night. One last fun weekend before exams.


We got about half the yearbook done on Sunday. It was time consuming, that's for sure! We got the profiles typed up (since we decided on a new layout for it all, it meant we had to retype 36 people profiles), and we've picked out photos to scan into them. *sigh* Hopefully it won't take too much longer, I can't wait to see them all actually done, and I am looking forward to having that at least out of the way.

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