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scarlet's walk

Weekend joy

I'm so sick of the Internet. Remind me to never substitue real life for online.

This weekend has just gone off. Talk about making the most of a weekend before exams, it's been a good way to blow out before having to buckle down and study. On Friday night, the 7 of us went out for tea at the Woodcroft Tavern. Only I couldn't afford the $10 for all you can eat (All I can eat? What, $2 worth?!), so I just had bottomless soft drinks while the others ate, and we made it look like I was doing the 40 hour famine so no-one would get sus about why I wasn't eating. The we went driving around and wound up in a car wash, so the 7 of us piled into Russell's car and went through, and when we got out on the other side, the cops were there waiting for us! We got busted for having too many of us in the car, and Russell's lights weren't on, it was a good thing no-one noticed that we weren't wearing seatbelts either! But hello, we weren't even on the road, we were coming out of a stupid car wash! But the cop was a real prick, although at least Russ didn't lose his lisence. After that excitement, we drove down to Pt Noarlunga, and ran along the beach and got caught in the rain.

I saw "Anastasia" yesterday, and I loved it. Even though the story is almost completely unaccurate how it's told historically, it's still a good film. I love the soundtrack of it. Fox is catching up to Disney as far as animated movies go!

Then last night, the 7 of us (although this time Greg was with us, and not Kristy, who had band practice or something) went into the city and played pool at this pool hall called UQ2. It was packed full of guys, so Sarah and I were having a good perve! We were having a 'skirt night' (which made it a bit awkward to play pool in), and had the 3-inch heels going. We stayed at the pool hall for a couple of hours, then went and grabbed some food from Macca's (the guys wanted to go to this cafe they all love but it was too expensive). Driving back South, Sarah and I were chatting to these guys in the car driving next to us, and they invited us to go to a party with them,. so we drove to where the party was, but decided not to go. We ended up just driving around some more and goofing off in the streets.

My first exam is next Saturday, so there may not be any updates until after my exams. This page is losing it's appeal - the whole online world is losing it's appeal. There's only a few people who I actually enjoy talking to online. People's arguments over things like domains are getting old. WHO CARES if someone gets a domain or not? It's no-one's business but their own. If people are willing to fork out money to get a name, then go for it? If you go the speak boards, you'll see what I mean. People bitching about all the domains pooping up. Y'know, it's not a life or death manner! The way people are going on and on about them is pathetic. People can buy them if they want, and put whatever they want on there. It's so stupid hearing people complain about domains who just host people, and stuff., Like, as if we care. Sorry. I'm in a complaining mood about this.

Like I said, give me real life any day.

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