scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Weird things

I miss my friends. I don't like the thought that the next time I see them, my exams will be over. While iot's comforting knowing that my exams *will* be over, it just seems sooo long to go. I'm probably sounding pathetic here - "ohmigosh, I can't do anything without my friends!" but compared to the alternative of sitting here with a textbook and a couple of highlighters (actually, it's more like three textooks, a bunch of empty notebooks waiting to be filled with notes for my exams, and packets of pens, highlighters, and textas to colour-co-ordinate everything...oh, and I forgot the dictionary ;) ) for company, I'd much rather be off running a muck in the city and running down the beach in the rain again. *sigh*

A scary thing I've been realising the last hour sitting here reading my textbook - I'm actually (wait for it) enjoying studying! Could this be true! I've fallen into a routine the last couple of hours - reading through the book, taking notes, looking up all the words I don't understand (like, every third word - it's *very* time consuming!). It's almost comforting and enjoyable! DOn't get me wrong, it still doesn't beat Daniel's barbecue as far as *fun* goes. But hey - I'm not hating it either! There's something wrong.

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