scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Disney night

Well, what was supposed to be just a few (broke) friends getting together for a quiet night of watching old Disney classics, and keeping each other company while the rest of the group went off to Daniel’s for a quiz night, has quickly turned into the whole group coming over to watch old Disney classics while Daniel gets stranded on his own up there in Aldinga. *ahem* This, however, was not my idea - well, not the last part anyway. Daniel invited our group up to Aldinga for a quiz night at some hall, but a) it costs $15 (ie, $15 that I don’t have), b) it’s always about 10 degrees colder up there than it is here in Adelaide and hey, I’m just getting over a cold, c) whenever we go there we’re never back before like 2am, and I’d like to get in a few early nights before uni goes back, or else - zombie city, look out.

Anyway, so a few of us - namely me, Sarah, Kristy, Greg, and Steven - decided that we weren’t going, namely for thoese 3 reasons mentioned above, so Sarah and I decided that we’d have a video night for those who weren’t going to Daniel’s either. The operative words being those who had already decided that they weren’t going to Daniel’s quiz night. In other words, it’s not like we were trying to sabotage Daniel’s night or anything, we weren’t going to give the others a choice - in fact, those who were going to Daniel’s weren’t even supposed to find out about our video night until after the occassion.

Well, that one didn’t work out, I should have known that certain people in our group (ie, Steven) can’t keep their mouths shut. I rang Steven up this afternoon to invite him to come (but he’s going out with his girlfriend :P), and then about half an hour after, Russell rang, and in short, announced that he and the others who were originally going to go to Daniel’s, were coming over to my place instead with the rest of us. His reason? “We decided that it wouldn’t be any fun without the rest of you”.


Maybe Daniel will decided to join us as well. After all, I could hardly tell him (them) that he (they) can’t come.

Russ was even content to watch Disney movies with us as well.

He really is desperate to hang with us!

So basically, our quiet night at home kinda turned into a big thing...sorry mum and dad (they don’t mind, I’ll give them credit). Tomorrow afternoon Sarah and I are going over to Kristy’s for a barbecue. At least I had the common sense not to mention that to the guys.

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