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and another thing...

It was pretty quiet at work this afternoon; to the point where I started writing a few lines of poetry here + there. I wonder if it's any coincidence that I was writing predominitely about insanity, craziness, paranoia? Work is doing strange things to my mind these days...

I'm drifting between being incredibly stressed out, and thinking that things are okay. I have exams + assignments due in less than 3 weeks that I've barely looked at, I'm working over 33 hours a week, I have rehearsals for the dance segment on Sundays (practically my only real day off in the week), and Kristy + I still need to organise certain "things" concerning Sarah's wedding. Add the fact that my friend Kate and I are still trying to find a place to live (not to mention that every time there's an open inspection for a place we want to look at, we're both working, making it virtually impossible to actually find somewhere to move), and I have over $1000 worth of car bills to pay, and I think that perhaps work isn't really the only thing that's making me slightly... crazy at the moment.

And I haven't even begun to mention friends yet. I'm trying to find time to write to people who've been waiting to hear from me since the middle of the year, send letters to lovely people from here, and ring old friends whom I haven't seen in some time, but the days just seem to be slipping by without any real accomplishments. And it's sad that these are the things I WANT to do, yet they keep getting pushed aside in lieu of other commitments.


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