scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

First day back at uni, what can I say, I hate all my subjects except psychology. Psychology is so interesting, I’m looking forward to this semester, even the papers I have to write for the subject. But the others? Yeah, right. The thing is, I don’t even want to be a social worker. I don’t care about sociology and politics and all that other stuff. What I do care about is psychology, learning about what goes on in people’s minds, how the brain works.

Anyway…I’m seriously considering deferring uni for the rest of the year, and only do psychology this year, and get a job for the rest of the time. Why not? What’s the point in doing a course that I’m not even interested in? I can still get into an Arts degree next year and major in Psychology, without doing all these other subjects that I don’t like, I don’t care about, and have no interest in. Yeah, so maybe that’s a bad attitude, but this isn’t hgh school. I don’t have to be in college. I want to learn psychology, and everything about that, but I don’t want the unneccessary stress of all these other subjects.

Oh well, I guess I’ll talk to dad and see what he thinks. Mum agrees that I should defer and get a job for the rest of the year. And ya know, it would be nice to take a decent break - not a holiday, but a change from constant studying. 13 years I’ve been studying, maybe a break is what I need to get a fresh start.

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