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Part time

Well, I’m withdrawing from 3 of my subjects tomorrow. I’ve convinced my parents that it’s the best thing that I can do right now, staying in and doing all the subjects this semester wouldn’t advantage me any more than dropping out of most of them and just sticking to the one subject that I like. Which is psychology, of course. Gosh, I love that subject, it’s the most interesting thing that I’ve done in a long time. So as of tomorrow afternoon, Bec and I will be official part time students, looking for work. Suits me fine. I can do without a semester of stress with all these other subjects that I’ll never be interested in, and the thought of earning some money is very attractive. I only made the decision on Tuesday night, but it feel like I’ve been thinking about it for the last month, when it’s only been two days. This week has been soo long.

On Saturday night, me, Sarah, and Kristy are having a girls night out, without the guys. Well, duh, you’re probably thinking, but the last time that we had a girls night out, the guys wound up joining us (yes, that was last Saturday night). This time, we’re not even telling the guys what we’re doing, and if they ask, we’re just going to say that we have plans, but not go into details. Which was what was meant to happen last Saturday night, but things didn’t quite turn out that way. It’s sweet that we have all these guys who just can’t enjoy a weekend without spending time with us ;). Just kidding.

The Lylas wars are finally getting to everyone, with a lot of people dropping out and moving their pages somewhere else. Deja vu? I think so. I think every domain gets this, first Delish, and then Gemz got bashed a lot, and now lylas - I don’t keep up with every domain. I was considering moving my page back to altern - I’m sick of people saying that we’re the worst domain and that all the pages suck - I never got bashed so much back at altern or geocities, places where I was more anonymous. But you know, I like the steady server, I like being able to ftp whenever I want, and I like the chance to get to know the other girls on this domain. Why should I let a bunch of narrow-minded people with no lives get to me? Face it, those people have to be pretty desperate if they’re making such a big deal of us being ‘bitches’ and ‘snobs’ and so on. Three words: Get A Life!!

I think I’ll be staying away from the Lylas boards for a while. They’re not worth it!!

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