scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

How do you think I should wear my hair?

I got a job interview!! One of the places that I put in a resume at yesterday, rang me up today and asked me to come in for an interview tomorrow! Wow, fast work! It’s a clothing store called Westco, and I buy a lot of my clothes from there - they have a lot of good stuff, and is reasonably priced. Very teenagey, very nice. Yesterday when I put in a resume, they said that they weren’t hiring any more people at the moment, so I was pretty surprised to get asked in for an interview! I was chatting to Helen (Hi Helen!) at the time, so she was giving me some tips on what to wear, and how to have my hair. I love you angel! Oooh, I hope this goes well. Westco would be a pretty cool place to work. Tomorrow morning, at 10am. I’m catching a bus that will get me into the city at 9:20am, sometimes the buses run late, and I’d much rather be too early than too late. After all, this is the city. It’s not like I’ll be bored for 40 minutes waiting! Wish me luck, I’m gunna need it!

I got a letter from Betty today as well, (I’ll write to you soon Betty!) and an invitation to Belinda’s 18th party in a few weeks, so that was pretty good as well. I’m trying to decide whether to tell my friends tonight about the job interview, or wait until after it’s over. Then if I don’t get it, I don’t even have to tell them at all about it. I’ll probably just see if Sarah rings tonight, and tell her if she does.

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