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30 December 1998 @ 09:38 pm
i'm actually having fun working on this page. imagine that! it's been so long since i worked on something like this. i'm going to see the musical "chicago" tonight and i can't wait. lately the only musical inspiration i've had has been watching the video "cats" where i've practically memorised every dance move and facial expression in every scene. okay, so that's an exaggeration. i dreamed about it the other night, it was bizarre and very realistic. well, as realistic as you can get with a bunch of people dancing around dressed as cats. i had a whole week off work this week, and mostly it's been good. as much as i like my job, i don't want to work all the time and it's nice to go out and not have to worry about being home at a certain time to get ready for work. i have no clue what i'm working next week. but i need the money so i half hope that i'm working every night, but i doubt it now that the christmas rush is over. i know this is a crappy entry and short too, two things which i was vowing my new entries not to be, but i'm going out tonight and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night [new years eve!] and i haven't even started to get ready yet. blah. it's one of my new years resolutions - to write better journal entries!

well...we can all dream, can't we?