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yr only a little crazy

I said to Adam tonight after work (actually, I said to a few people, venting) that if they didn't get me off registers soon, I was going to go insane. Seriously insane, possibly to the point of homicide (oh sorry, actually I think it was Marcus that I actually said that last bit to.) It was going to be death by coathangers if I didn't get moved within the next couple of weeks. So something better change. If I'm going to be at Rebel 4 days a week, indefinitely, I can't spend the whole time on register. "You've seen me start to go crazy, you really don't want to see me actually get there" I said to Bronwen. I can't handle all this repetition, 9 hours a day, 4 [or 5] days a week. I NEED a change of scenery. Oh yes, and I need to get away from that constant customer service too.

I forgot to mention the highlight of Thursday night's shopping expedition with Sarah + Kristy: buying glitter socks. In blue, pink + purple: you've never seen anything like them. I was so excited, I showed everyone I saw that I knew (including going into work - yes, on my day off + all - to show Gayle); but it's good to see that my $10 voucher from work (an incentive thing, given to me on Wednesday) was spent wisely. Glitter socks indeed.

And the weather looks like it's finally getting warmer. Maybe summer is finally here at last.


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