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11 September 1998 @ 09:47 pm
What to say, what to say. Journal entries are hard to write when you have nthing to say. Heck, sometimes they're hard to write even when you do have something to say, because the words pour out quicker than you can type them. Quicker than I can type them, anyway.

I got a package today from one of my penpals, Joanne, for my birthday - she sent me a gorgeous polar bear (stuffed, of course) and a box of chocolates - I know she doesn't read this, but thankyou sweetie! :) Angela sent me a t-shirt with a Winnie-the-Pooh and Eyeore emblem on it that she sewed on that said "best friends", it's soo cute.

Tomorrow afternoon, we (the usual group plus extras - we were trying to get a big group together) were all going to the show, so after a few weeks of indecisiveness, we decided to meet at the train station at 1:30pm, right? Well, now Sarah and Kristy want to go at a different, later time - if they even decide to go at all! They're soo annoying - it seems that lately they're always changing the plans we make, and it's a pain in the neck. also because they leave it to like, the day before. Oh well.

I'm restless as usual. I want something interesting to happen. Already last weekend seems like a distant memory. Nothing exciting ever happens.