scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Yesterday a bunch of us went to the show. Let's just say that nothing went as planned.

At the last minute, the guys ditched us to go by car to the show grounds. That in itself was a pain, because we were meant to go together, and also because it was the guys who organised for us to go together. That seems a little hypocritcal - arranging for a group to go somewhere, then at the last minute, ditching them to go on your own. Anyway - the thing was, getting to the showgrounds was okay - we caught the bus, and it was early afternoon, still light. But catching the train home on our own after the fireworks, at 10pm = now that was creepy, and we were counting on the guys being there to at least walk with us to the train station, because we had to go through some dark streets. Oh sure, there were 4 of us girls, but none of us look that old(certainly not 18), and who said that it's safer in a group? Either way, it was freaky.

We got to the show a few hours after the guys got there, and we had arranged to meet them at the Ferris Wheel at 5pm. When we saw them, they had a go at us for getting there so late, and we had a mental at them for ditching us. We told them that we couldn't drive down like them because none of us have a car, and basically, we all just got into a big screaming match, and in the end, us girls walked off and spent the rest of the day on our own. Sarah was in a foul mood for most of the day, Griff looked miserable, and Kristy was just quiet. It turned out to be an okay day, although it wasn't the most fun I've had. I'm glad we just avoided the guys for the rest of the night. And I'm even more glad that we got home okay. We were all saying that if anything had happened to one of us on the way home, we would have killed the guys, literally.

But hey, we're not letting them get away with this. Sure, we're gunna be civil to them next weekend, mainly because it's my party, and we don't particularly want any blood shed in the backyard. But the weekend after...Let's just say that they're gunna find out what it feels like to be ditched...

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