scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

missing high school

I miss high school.

High school seems just so long ago. I've been out of there for nearly one year...after all those months of wanting to get the hell out of there, now that I'm not there, I wish I was. If that makes any sense. I'm glad not to be worrying about final exams and crappy teachers and all the work that we got last year. But I miss the constant company, seeing my friends every day, always being around people. I miss the funny things that used to happen at lunch times, like driving off to the deli to get lunch in Naomi's car, or Jim chasing after those annoying primary school kids with a window stick.

I miss being the only girl in my maths class, surrounded by guys that were funny, sweet, and helpful. I miss the jokes my maths teacher would tell, only he would always pause before the punch line because he 'didn't think the jokes were appropriate with a girl in the room'. I miss the guys helping me with the stuff I didn't understand, and the chats we used to have in between lessons about anything and everything. I miss the way the guys used to look after me, like by dubbing the only heater in the room as 'Jade's Heater' when it was cold, and letting me take the closest seat near it.

I miss getting to school early to go catch up with Sarah or Tim in the other classroom before homeroom, and then staying late afterschool to get some maths tutoring from Tim, but mostly just chatting to him about anything. I miss staying in the other classroom until the teacher kicked me out and told me to get to my homeroom, mainly I stayed in that other room because all my friends were in there. Darn alphabetical splitting. But hey, it wasn't all bad, I got to make closer friends with all the people in my homeroom class, and it was for only fifteen minutes a day plus 2 other classes.

I miss laughing in biology classes, reading plays in english, performing our major production in drama. Even though there was bad points about those classes, stressing moments, and times that I'd wished I'd just dropped out of school, the memorable points are the ones that stand out clearly in my mind.

Just reading about all the people in the US and Canada starting back at school this month, has really brought back those memories of my senior high school year. Make the most of each day at school - create mories that you'll always have. One day you'll look back and smile, even if your high school days are giving you grief right now. Even though you may go onto college, university, or other forms of educations, there's nothing like high school.

I miss you, Class of 97.

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