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I finally started researching for the assignments I have to do for Health Psychology today, and it feels like a slight burden off my shoulders. Although I'm still wondering why I took on a summer school subject in December; it's kind of killed the holiday mode of this summer. Researching essays and reading texts for an upcoming exam only reminds me of the last 2 semesters at uni, and how I longed to finally be finished. Well think again, because nothing's changed. But oh well.

Marianne rang me when I was at uni; I think I sounded a little weird, because I recognised work's number on the caller ID, and started instantly worrying that perhaps I was actually meant to be at work, and someone was calling me to find out why I wasn't there. This has happened a couple of times; roster changes at the last minute have a habit of throwing things into some sort of chaos. Of course, that wasn't why she was calling; we made plans to go and see "Vanilla Sky" tomorrow night. However, my slight paranoia over why someone was calling from work, added to the fact that I wasn't actually meant to have my mobile turned on in the library, made for a rather... unlike Jade-conversation. So Marianne, many apologies for my vagueness!

Tonight, Sarah, Kristy + I are meeting to go shopping. Sarah's wedding is in just over a month, and we need to dicuss shoes ;) I also want to buy face paint; Mia was drawing amazing designs on people's faces + arms on New Years Eve, and I'd like to learn how to do that myself.


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