scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

I don't think I'm having much luck with this page. I'm back at Xoom, as you can all tell, because Maxine decided to get rid of her domain for personal reasons. Which is fair enough, but I think I'll stay put at Xoom for awhile now. Domains just don't seem stable enough, with the owner deciding to pack up and leave at any time. I don't really mind being back at Xoom, but I think people are probably going to stop going to my page, the way I keep moving around. I'm sorry!! Oh well. It's only a webpage.

We didn't end up going out last night. What happened is, the guys rang me, and we were going to go nightclubbing, but Craig didn't know if he could go (he was going to drive), and then after a few more phone calls it turned out that we couldn't go, for all sorts of reasons which aren't worth explaining about. :P Typical male organisation skills. I'm trying to remember the last time they actually organised something without all our plans getting messed up. Like they were meant to organise our trip to the show, and look how that turned out. And the time the guys were supposed to cook us dinner - that never happened either. There have been a lot of other things as well. *sigh*. I swear, if the guys didn't have us to organise the weekends, nothing would ever get done, and they'd be sitting at home trying to organise to go out, without anything ever happening.

So instead, I stayed at home and watched "Titanic" with my mum and sister. My mum has to be one of the worst people to watch videos with. She's one of those people who tries to predict what's happening, but it's more along the lines of "so how does she get back in the boat?" That sorta thing. Which can get pretty annoying, but oh well, it's funny.

And so that was my Saturday night.

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