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I'm watching Clueless right now...I just love this movie. Even though it's so american, so shallow, and so pointless, it still has to be one of my favourite movies of all time. I dunno, I just think it's cute and fun. Who says all movies have to be serious? I first saw it when I was about in year 10, about the same age as the girls in the film (15). I guess Cher portrays the sort of girl that every teenage girl secretly wants to be - maybe not so airhead-like, but popular and pretty. Not to mention her wardrobe! And hey, the movie has some pretty cute guys in it as well. But anyway.

The guys are giving the nightclubbing idea another shot. After their last disaster of trying to organise a social event (October 4), they're actually planning this weekend 4 days ahead of time! That's like, a record for them! Actually, it'll be a record if this thing works out. Anyway, Ian rang me last night and asked me if I wanted to go to the Planet with them on Saturday night (him, Russell, Steven and Craig). I said I'd like to, but I wasn't sure - after what happened with Sarah on Monday, I wasn't sure if I should be hanging with the guys - I mean, in all loyalties to my best friend. But I said something to Sarah about it today, and she was fine with it - thankgoodness. I would have stayed home or gone out with her if she didn't want me cruising with them, but I'm glad she's cool. I am definately in the mood to go nightclubbing now!

Don't you just hate it when your mother has some girl (like the daughter of a friend) who's just like, perfect, and whom she's always comparing you to? Well, there's this girl, Kerrilea, who's daughter of my mother's best friend, and she's just a few months older than I. Anyway, I used to get really pissed off when mum would compare her to me - since she was so beautiful and popular (but - I did beat her in the brains department, starting with the fact she dropped out of school at the end of year 10). But last night, it proved to be an advantage to have someone like that to be compared to - when I mentioned to mum that I might be going clubbing with the guys Saturday night, she started getting doubtful about letting me go...until I mentioned that Kerrilea went nightclubbing from the time she turned 18 and that was how she met her boyfriend - he was a bouncer at a nightclub in town. Well, that got mum. She's letting me go now. :) Let's just hope the plans actually work out, and we actually end up going. Let's hope that the guys actually get organised with all this before Saturday night, 6:30pm. We'll be beating last Saturday night at any rate.

Oh yeah - and the guys are almost all in the clear with Sarah. We went shopping today and saw Ian in town, and he had written her an apology note explaining from his side what had happened, so now Sarah's only annoyed at Russell - and we're always annoyed at Russell, so it's not such a major obstacle now. She's even talking about doing things as a group again, so maybe it's not the end of us all, after all. It doesn't seem like she's holding a grudge, maybe only against Russell, but one of us is better than all of us. Maybe there is hope yet.

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