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I'm in the mood to write a journal entry, but I have nothing to say. Figures, because when I do have stuff to say, I'm never in the mood to write it down. I try not to think of what a coincidence this must be.

I'm watching Ally McBeal right now. I've never watched it before, but it looks okay. I've seen worse shows. I really do like that song from the show though, that Vonda Shephard one? It's catchy. Speaking of music, I brought 2 new CD's today - B*witched's self title album which just came out over here today - the lady at the shop had to go through the boxes on the floor to find the albums which had just come in this afternoon. ;) I also went halves with my sister in the Steps album, which my sister hasn't let me listen to yet, but considering she's been holed up in her room ever since we got home with it, I'd say it was good.

Tim and I got a letter from Cheryl today. Cheryl is a friend of ours that we met on camp last July, and we've been writing to each other ever since - she used to liove about 4 hours from us, but she's in Switzerland (oh how I envy her...) this year. David also used to write to her, but he gave up - not really the letter writing (or recieving...) type. So now Cheryl writes to Tim and I, and the letters are sent to my house. I write a response, send both my letter and Cheryl's letter up to Tim because I never see him, and he writes his response and sends both the letters (in the same envelope to save on postage) over to Switzerland. Now, this does cause a few problems. One, Tim is not the speediest writer. Last time it took something like 3 months for him to actually post the letter. Two, I have no privacy when I write because I know Tim (and Dave when he used to write) read the letters I write. So basically I have to stick to the basics like uni, weekend events, and other boring shallow topics, unless I want the guys to know something that I don't want them to know.

I downloaded AOL Instant Messenger yesterday because of the way ICQ always dies on me, so if you want to add me to your lists, my screen name is SailorJazi. ICQ has this habit of dying on me when I'm talking to my closest friends...Betty and Adrie especially. I think it's some kinda conspiracy.

On Ally McBeal, Ally is getting compared to Julie Andrews, and she seems to think that it's some sort of insult because she's "perky" (as in her roles of Sister Maria in "The SOund Of Music" and Mary Poppins in...umm, "Mary Poppins"). I could think of worse actors/actresses to be compared to! Perky...would rather be perky than drug-f***ed (I'm nice. I don't like to swear - much ;)) But each to his own, I'm sure.

I've been reading Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" lately - started really reading it the other night, and it's enthralling. I brought it last year sometime, but never got past the first 10 pages because it was so...word-densed. And considering half of it is in french, that just goes for even more concentration whilst reading, something I don't like to do much. But anyway, I started reading it the other night, and I'm actually enjoying it, even though I have to concentrate more than normal. I can see where the songs from the musical fit in, which helps me to understand the story, and it's nice to know the background of what happens in the stage version. Too bad I only have the first volume of it - I'm going to have to buy the second volume now, because I know it ends in a very suspenseful place. Figures, doesn't it?

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