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scarlet's walk

I still can't understand why the guys find it so hard to get things organised (October 4, October 11). I've organised for our group to go out this weekend, and it took all of about 2 minutes sitting on the bus to think of what we could do, where we could meet and what time. All the neccessary details for organising a social night out. I rang Sarah last night and we're each going to ring a couple of people in our group and get them to spread the word around to all the others. We're meeting at my place at 8pm on Saturday night, and probably go and play pool, but we'll decide where and who's driving at my place once we know who's going exactly. Sorted! And the guys really find it that hard to get something organised once in a while? Typical.

You know what something really novel is? Talking bus-stops! Daniel and I first saw them that Friday night he dragged me out at the last minute (October 10), but I forgot about them until today when I walked past another one. Isn't that cute? Acually, it's kinda sad. They have these speakers which spout out information on the different bus routes, which is rather helpful although a map works just as well. Oh well - that's technology for ya!

I'm in a travel mood - a real travel mood, I mean. I want desperately to go overseas - to America, to Canada, Japan, Sinapore, Ireland. I also want some mail. No-one writes to me anymore. Darn it, if you have my address, write to me!!! I do write back - it's a proven fact that I'm better with snail mail than with email!

I've got my life figured out. Well, not exactly (don't I wish!), but I sketched out a rough timeline of what I want to do in my life and when. Okay, first off, my uni course will go for a total of about 6 or 7 years. I'll be 25 when I get out. I don't want to get married until after I've graduated from uni, for the reason that I don't want the extra distraction from my studies or the extra stress of a family, mortgage, and all those other 'adult' things. Meanwhile, I do want to travel, and I want to travel before I get married. Because after I get married, then money-wise, things won't be very secure so I won't be able to afford it. But I have 7 years of college in which I can travel in, so I'm going to travel while I'm still in university (all my online friends, look out for a house guest within...the next 7 years. Hmmm), and then worry about getting married and doing all the serious stuff after I've graduated and secure in a good job as a psychologist. Sorted. Now...if only I could figure out the finer details of my life...

People reading actually read all this?? What are you suckers for punishment?! Sorry, it still amazes me that people actually find my boring life read-worthy. And not only that, but you come back for more! I love you! Thankyou for making me feel as though my life actually has a purpose - to entertain people ;)

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