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2 Strangers and a Wedding

Today was "2 Strangers and a Wedding". What the hell is that? you might be asking. Well, for the last couple of months, one of the radio stations is SA, SAFM, has been having this competition, called "2 Strangers and a Wedding" - kind of like setting up two people who have never met each other for a blind date, only they get married. Yup, that's right, married. For the month of September, they accepted applications for the groom, and finally chose a guy to marry off. Then this month, they went ahead and chose a girl to be married to this guy (his name is Thomas). There were 5 bride finalists , and then Monday morning, Thomas rang up one of them to propose. Now, keep in mind that these two had never met each other, never seen pictures or anything of the other person - basically the two people were chosen according to intelligence (or the amount you can tell over the phone anyway), that sort of thing - you know what I'm getting at. Well anyway, after all of this, they got married this morning. Today was the first time they'd ever talked to each other (apart from the proposal on Monday with all of South Australia listening in), or even seen each other.

I don't really know what I think of the whole thing. I mean, marriage is SUCH a big step, and SUCH a big committment, and it's hard enough for people who have been together for years - but 2 strangers? This isn't a blind date where you go out for dinner and a movie with someone you don't know, realise that he's not really the right type of guy for you, go home, laugh about it with your friends, and vow never to see him ever again. This isn't something that doesn't matter if it doesn't work out - after all, everyone has bad dates. But marriage - well, let's face it, divorce is pretty traumatic, even if it is the best thing to do in some situations.

It's kinda nifty, and it definately shot the radio ratings up (they had TV broadcasts from a lot of the major news shows), and I guess at least when Thomas chose his bride (who's name is Helen) he wasn't going by looks because hey, it's not like they had ever seen each other before. But you've got to think...are people really that desperate these days to hook up with someone that they'll go on some radio competition to find a partner for life? because like I said, this isn't just a date, one night out, but for life? That's brave. Or maybe it's just stupid. I know I wouldn't want to do that anyway - even if I wasn't 18 and had my whole college future ahead of me.

It will be interesting to see if this marriage works out.

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