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01 January 2002 @ 08:04 pm
fellowship of the ring  
Just saw this movie, and in a word? fantasticwonderfulamazingyou'veGOTtoseeit.

I'm sorry, but it puts the Harry Potter movie to shame. "Fellowship of the Ring" was simply brilliant. I'm buying the book tomorrow, and I can't wait for the next 2 parts to be released. Although I know I have to wait another 2 years for that. I'm in love with the character "Legolas" - there's just this something about him... And Elijah Wood was great as Frodo. Actually, everyone was great. Everything was great. I loved it.

I said to my dad on the home from the movies that I was glad we saw it today, because now I can say that it's one of the greatest movies of 2002 ;) It just wouldn't have been the same if I'd seen it in 2001. Yeah, anyway...

I know there's some online quiz around that tells you what LotR character you are... I'm trying to find it right now.