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All my job interviews finally paid off. I've been offered 3 part time jobs. One of them, which I started last Thursday night, is at a department store called Big W. It's a night time job, as a night-filler - stacking shelves and pricing things at night. Then I got a job, which I started last night, at this really cool little novelty store called Granny Mays. I've always loved that store for as long as I can remember - it sells really cool stuff like keyrings, pens, cute cushions, slippers and t-shirts, stationary, figurines, and so on, in cute brands like Looney Tunes, Sanrio, Wallace & Grommit, Forever Friends; plus lots of other stuff. It's really like my dream part time job, really, one I never expected really to get. Those two jobs are the ones I'm taking, because working 3 - well, I'd go insane. The third job was as a checkout chick at Target. I'm SO glad I've finally got permanent work this summer and even next year if things go well - for Granny Mays, I get paid $10.12 an hour, which is - well, I'm definately not complaining about that! I have no idea what I get paid for Big W. Now I can afford to get people decent Christmas presents, save for my trip to Sydney next January, and even put some money aside to go overseas one day. Woohoo!

Getting these jobs...they mean more to me than just the money. It got to the stage where not having a job was reflected on my personality. I know that's not the way it is, but when you constantly fail at something, you feel as though it's your fault, there's something wrong with you. I'm just glad I know now that I can get jobs - although it's just my luck to get three all at once! All I have to do now is get my lisence, and then I'll be all set!

I brought myself an overseas calling card last night! It cost me $20, and I use the pin number on the back to call overseas, and the call gets taken out of the credit on my card. It doesn't even show up on the phone bill [which is good - my parents would freak if they knew I was calling overseas!]. This way I pay for all the calls, and I can keep an eye on when my credit is running out, AND I can actually ring some of my friends online! I called Krissy this afternoon, to wish her a happy birthday, but I just got her answering machine. At least I know it works, and I've worked out the international codes, at least for the USA! Thank goodness for the phone book.

I have my psychology exam next Saturday morning...I can't wait till that's over. Why? Because then I'll finally be on summer vacation!! Yeah! :)

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