scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

despite all my rage i'm still like a rat in a cage

As predicted, Lord of the Rings was sold out on Wednesday night, so we went to see Monsters Inc instead. Probably a good thing; I just about fell asleep in the previews beforehand, there was no WAY I would have been able to stay awake for another 3 hours that night. And Monsters Inc was really the cutest thing. I wanted to adopt Boo, and I almost cried when... oh hang on, I might give some of it away, so I'll end that line of thought right here. Haha.

Of course, work has been crazy in the last 2 days since Christmas. Luckily things are already starting to get a little less hectic there; I can't say I'll be sad when it goes back to normal. Lets just say that yesterday was far worse than any of the days before Christmas. But nevermind. It's almost over for another year, and I CAN actually say I survived it after all. Amazing.


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