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run, run, run...

I caught a shoplifter at work today :D

It was pretty exciting. It was around 4:20pm, and I had just finished serving a customer. The alarms went off as my customers, plus one other young girl (perhaps around 21, 22 years of age?) exited the shop. Not knowing which one of them set off the alarms, instinct told me to follow the girl. I called after her, "Excuse me!" to get her to come back into the shop, and followed her out as she wouldn't turn around. Then she started to run - and this told me that something dodgy was up. So I ran after her, yelling back after me to the others in the shop, "call a code 1!!" which means an emergency.

Luke ran after us as well to help me, and after a minute or so, we caught up with the girl as she was about to exit the mall. We kept asking her to stop, but she wouldn't, so I reached out, and took her by the elbow. Not roughly, just enough to get her attention. She finally stopped, and looked at Luke and I, and I think this was when she realised she was trapped, and that anything she did to try and get away again would only make things worse for us.

She came back with us into the shop, where we were greeted by just about every staff member there, waiting to see what was happening (plus a number of others had run out after us as well). Marcus, who's in charge of loss prevention, escorted her upstairs to the managers office, and the police came into the store as well.

It turns out that she'd tried to nick a pair of Nike shoes, and she already had a police record. She got charged with theft, of course, after today's incident. I had to talk to the police, and tomorrow I have to give a statement to Marcus.

What can I say... I can't help feeling pretty proud of myself after that :) Not bad for a day's work! I always wanted to catch a shoplifter, heh.


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